The recent years have brought forth new and important fields of medicine. As life-saving and life-sustaining technologies are developed, patient needs and the traditional definition of hospice and the understanding its role is changing. Maintaining quality of life is an increasingly complex challenge. New specialties in palliative care and important options for home care in recent years have developed to address the needs of patients and their caregivers, both professional and personal.

The experts of the National Hospice, Palliative and Home Care Speakers Bureau have the knowledge and hands-on experience to help you improve your skills for the care of spiritual, emotional, and medical needs of patients, caregivers, and your staff in today's complicated medical environment. Just as important as our expertise, we are a group of professional speakers, each with an impressive track record proving a talent in delivering these important messages and lessons.

The National Hospice, Palliative and Home Care Speakers Bureau is not a talent agency. We are a consortium of nationally and internationally recognized individuals with high standards for membership in our group. For each member of this speakers bureau, you will find background information about experience and expertise, a synopsis of presentation topics, and information on how to contact the speaker directly. Each speaker will be able to provide you with the clear and concise paperwork you need, including contracts, handouts, documentation for accreditation programs (CEU's, CME's, etc..) as well as information to help you fund and market your conference or seminar.

In addition to highlighting each speaker, our website provides some general information about our specialties, tips on how to find money to hire speakers for your group, and links to sites we find valuable. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to share this resource with others.